Area camp

The area camp is on 22nd–23rd September at Barrwood Campsite.

Cubs and Scouts can attend from 10am on Saturday until 2.30pm on Sunday, the cost for them is £5 (please note a packed lunch is required for Saturday).
Please ensure your child knows what kit they are taking as we had rather a lot of leftovers after the last camp. It would be helpful if they know how to repack their sleeping bag too!

Mobile phones, mp3 players, games consoles, etc should not be taken and we would ask you to limit midnight snacks to a sensible amount for your own child only. If everyone brings enough for the whole tent, no-one gets any sleep!!

Beavers can attend on Saturday from 1.30pm–4pm and will be competing for the Beaver Sports trophy during the event.  The cost for them is £2.

Permission forms were issued on Tuesday & Wednesday 28th/29th August and must be returned by 12th September along with payment to confirm a space.

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