Mountain Rescue visit

Mountain Rescue vehicles

The Beavers and Cubs had an interesting visit to the Mountain Rescue centre at Fishcross. Here they found out about the activities the crew take part in and met the people manning the centre. They were shown around and allowed to operate some of the rescue equipment vehicles. As you will see from the photo gallery below, they were strapped into stretchers, carried around and hoisted in the air by the teams (with a little help from of the rest of the Beavers and Cubs).

A great time was had by all. As well as the fun activities, they learnt something about the dangers of venturing onto the hills without proper training, equipment or being with someone that knows what they are doing. A big thank you to the Ochil Mountain Rescue Team for their time.

All members of the Ochils Mountain Rescue Team are volunteers. The coins that the Cubs are collecting for their Commonwealth Challenge will be donated to this cause. All sections are welcome to donate 2p pieces.

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