Ochil Mountain Rescue report

The Cubs give a report on their experience at the Ochil Mountain Rescue Centre:

On the 22 January 2014 Beavers and Cubs from the 7th Clackmannanshire Scout Group visited the Ochil Mountain Rescue Team near Fishcross, Clackmannanshire. We were introduced to the team by a doctor whose name was Neil and then we split into groups to cover bases all within the Mountain Rescue Centre including; the backpack, climbing wall, stretcher carry, mountain rescue vehicles – a communications van and a 4 x 4 rescue vehicle.

The backpack – One of the OMRT members emptied out his rucksack to show us the things they have with them on a standard rescue. The pack had crampons (used to walk on hard snow or ice), a high energy snack, bivibag for emergency shelter, gloves, hat and many other pieces of interesting equipment – it was very heavy!

Climbing wall – this is used for the members to train on and we took part in a ‘nappy rescue’.

Stretcher carry – We were shown two types of stretchers used by the team to safely carry injured people off of the mountains by helicopter! We all had a shot on the stretcher while other cubs and beavers tried to carry us!

Communications van – This vehicle is used as the base camp on all rescues, it had lots of electronic equipment on board like a police radio, computer with it’s own wireless internet connection, maps and a webcam. Adam used the radio to speak to the other group in the 4 x 4 rescue vehicle!

4 x 4 rescue vehicle – This vehicle is used to make the first response and actually drives on the hills and gets as close as possible to the casualty. We were allowed to jump inside the vehicle and switch on the sirens and blue flashing lights!

We are not sure about the Beavers but our favourite was the 4 x 4!
Thanks to all the team at OMRT, we all had a great time!

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