Beavers Update

The Beavers are learning about the Commonwealth countries as part of an ongoing Commonwealth Challenge (for more information on the activities, and to see how we are doing in the Medal Table, please visit This will also be the theme for our visit to the District Camp on 17 May.
Each child has been given a number of pictures of flags of Commonwealth Countries home with them, please help them to find out which country the flag belongs to and where to find it on a map; bring the flag pictures back next week when we will be encouraging them to look at where the country actually is on the map.

Diary dates: Bag Pack Saturday 22 March and the Beavers Easter Egg Hunt on 29 March. More details to follow. Please note that the Bag Pack helps to keep the costs of District events down, and we therefore ask that everyone takes a turn in helping.

We now have no regular helper. Many thanks to Phyllis and Ruth for helping out so far.  From Easter till Summer Eion will have other commitments, and your help will be needed even more. Please add your name to the sheet for any dates you can help out.

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