Cubs’ Commonwealth Challenge

1. boys and girls tents

The Cub Section, including an older Beaver Scout who is about to move up to the Cubs, recently completed three Commonwealth Challenge events. They were ably supported by the leaders and the ADC Cubs who spent the weekend with us.
The challenges completed were:
Climate Change
Learn about the issues of climate change, natural disasters and weather phenomena that occur in various Commonwealth countries.
Complete with model; volcanoes and a supper built as a food volcano with mashed potatoes and hotdogs covered in beans or tomato ketchup.

9. home made volcano models5. Food Volcano

Fair Trade
Learn more about the Fairtrade concept before tasting and comparing Fairtrade foods with brand name and supermarket alternatives. Consider cost, taste and ethics.
Bring in Fair Trade items, identify sources on world map, and then use them as part of the three-course dinner ingredients.

Come Dine with Me
Create a dish or dishes from a selected Commonwealth country and taste them.
Create a three-course dinner plus a mocktail; serve in a dinner party setting.
This consisted of Canadian pancakes: Indian chicken curry: tropical fruit salad and ice cream: mixed juices mystery cocktail. Empire biscuits were created by the Cubs to take home for Mother’s Day.

15. Table set - ready for curry12. I made 2 halves

This together with setting up camp with tents, preparing suppers, cooked breakfasts by the Cubs supervised by leaders and camp activities led to a full and tiring weekend, which was enjoyed by all.

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