Commonwealth Challenge: overnight activity

Climate Change: Gold

Learn about the issues of climate change, natural disasters and weather phenomena that occur in various Commonwealth countries.
Learn more about volcanoes, tsunamis, droughts and earthquakes and the impact on the communities they affect.
Build a model/ design a model that depicts a Volcano.
Then at camp or using stoves in your Scout Hall, build your own volcano using food items such as mashed potato for the mountain, sausages at the crown and baked beans for lava.
This will be the Supper on Saturday night
Follow up with a DVD of their choice which demonstrates natural disasters i.e. Madagascar

International Trade

A key benefit of membership of the Commonwealth is international trade relationships.
Learn more about the Fairtrade concept before tasting and comparing Fairtrade foods with brand name and supermarket alternatives. Consider cost, taste and ethics.
Bring an example of Fair Trade chocolate and non-Fair trade brands identify the source and using a World map show the origin of the chocolate.
The Cubs can then share the chocolate during the DVD showing.

 Come Dine With Me: Diamond

Create a dish or dishes from a selected Commonwealth country and taste them.
Create a three course dinner plus a mocktail; serve in a dinner party setting.
A simple starter, followed by a main course then a sweet all washed down by a mocktail of mixed fruit juices, ice and pieces of fruit.
This will be the Lunch on Sunday 1pm.

All the Activities, ideas and resources were downloaded from the Commonwealth Challenge Scouts Scotland web site.

To meet the above Challenges the children will be asked to bring with them some items as part of their Challenge. The bulk of the materials’ will be supplied by the Group.

  1. An example of Fair trade goods – i.e. Chocolate bar and one not Fair trade
  2. Camping equipment – sleeping bag, mat, night gear, torch, Toiletries’.
  3. Bowl, Plate, Cutlery, Cup or Mug
  4. Own particular cereals for breakfast – if that’s what they want rather than cooked Bacon/Square sausage in rolls
  5. I tropical based Fruit – children will agree amongst themselves who will bring in one of the following – Pineapple, Bananas, Mangos, Oranges, Melon, Kiwis, Passion Fruit, Figs, Apples and Plums.
  6. Crisps/Sweets in moderation for their usual midnight snacks!!! Enough to share with the Leaders’!!!

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