Parents’ Committee

Now that the groups have settled back into the hall, we need to get the Parents’ Committee back up and running again.

Parents are an integral part of any Scout group and your support is essential. But don’t be put of from getting involved because you think it will take up too much time. We are all busy people these days and the Scout leaders are too – remember they volunteer their own time to help our children – even a little of your time can make a big difference.

You could volunteer to help out at a camp, or support the leaders on group nights (it wouldn’t even have to be every week). Perhaps you have a skill that would be useful to the groups or you may be interested in training to be a leader. We are always looking for new fund raising ideas, maybe you have some great suggestions or would be willing to run a fund raising event for the group. It could even be as simple as providing baking for a coffee morning.

We also need to fill the posts of Chairperson, Secretary and Secretary. If you are interested in taking on one of these posts or helping out in any way please leave your contact details (email preferably) with one of the leaders on group nights.

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