The Scouts’ Commonwealth Challenge update

The Scouts presenting to the Cubs

The Scouts presenting to the Cubs

Challenge: 2p Track

Athletics and running will be centre stage at the Commonwealth Games. Build your own running track around your hall or chosen venue out of 2 pence pieces.You could then have a series of races or events using the track to measure distances! The money used could be donated to a local charity or good cause (making sure that the cause is a good fit with The Scout Association). The total length of the track(s) should measure a combined minimum of 40 metres in length. You will require approx. 1,333 coins. The value is £26.66.

UPDATE: So far we have 690 coins measuring 20.7 meters – not bad for 8 Scouts and Leaders.

Challenge: Baton Relay

Design your own baton that can be used to pass a message within your section, from section to section, from Group to Group or to other organisations in your community.
Divide into small groups and design your own baton using a natural material other than wood. Add messages to it. Pass it round other sections and take photos for your website.

The baton being carried

The baton being carried

UPDATE: Made from recycled poster tube, poster paints decorating base tube in Commonwealth colours’, blue, red, green, yellow, purple and black then strips of flags representing Commonwealth pasted round tube. Medals Gold, silver and bronze attached to top and the tube carried, back pack fashion, by 2 ropes. One yellow, one blue tied together with a reef and sheet bend knots. The ends of ropes whipped to finish off.
Messages are written on rocks collected locally from around the Hall and off the roof!!!!
All materials recycled or already in Scout Hall stores – nothing purchased.


The baton and messages

The baton and messages

This was displayed to the Cubs group by Senior Scouts and will be on display in the Town Hall on the Day the Baton comes to Clackmannan.

Challenge: Stadium
Build your own mini stadium in your own hall, grounds, campsite or chosen venue. Consider what you would expect to find in an athletics stadium or what the members think should be in one. Using garden canes, a basic stadium structure should be built with other materials added to help with the final design. This stadium should contain two of the following: flagpoles, floodlights or a scoreboard.
This activity is planned for March.

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